Surfing in Ericeira

What is the set up of the surf house?

The surf house is a two storey villa with a spacious terrace on the first floor and a garden and BBQ accessible for guests (all of whom there can be maximum sixteen which ensures the house remains rather chilled out. It's deffo not a surfcamp with 30+ people who are still young enough to be able to party every night). The house itself is spacious and cosy. What our guests like a lot about the surf house is the number of places where you can be social and always hang out with someone like the lounge or terrace as well as places where you can just hide away with your partner in crime and enjoy the peaceful set up of this place.

What if I want to rent out a surf board and a wetsuit?

Our friends at NaOnda Surf School have a wide variety of rental boards from longboards, funboards and softies to performance shortboards as well as good warm wetsuits. Let us know what you need and we'll arrange and book it for you. No worries.

Is Ericeira fun if you don't count surfing?

They often call Ericeira “a small fishing village” while in fact it's a small town of roughly 10.000 inhabitants with buzzing taverns, tapas bars, wine bars with live music, seafood restaurants and cafés downtown. Where btw if you're keen you can dance all night. Easy. The whole centre of town is in fact the old fishing village with a very unique architecture all white and blue and a very pleasant vibe. Just strolling through this historical part of Ericeira to the Fishermen's Beach at sunset for the first time is a memory you'll never forget. Very nice indeed.

I want to learn to surf. How does it work with surf lessons?

Our friends at NaOnda Surf School - the longest running surf school in town - will teach you to surf. There's a good chance you'll be surfing green waves with the help of instructors within a couple of lessons. They know what they're doing and they're doing it well. Let us know what you need and we'll plan your surfing experience with you and arrange and book it for you. And you don't need any gear. Boards and wetsuits are part of the deal. No worries.

How do I get around when I stay at the surf house?

There's a beach bus stop 5min walk down the road. It's not just some normal boring bus though. Ericeira Beach Bus is a “panoramatic mini-bus for tourists” which covers the coast from Foz do Lizandro (the surf house is located on a small hill above this sand-bottom beachbreak) through the town centre to Ribeira d'Ilhas, the famous reef point break with numerous stops in between. The sweet deal is that they have a trailer for surfboards so this is how you can easily get around Ericeira's surf spots when you don't have a car. And the best for last - one trip with the beach bus costs just € 1.

Of course there's taxis available 24/7. We'll be happy to give you a tip who to call.

Last but not least - the surf house has a great location as it is outside city center (which results in no noise or traffic except for an occasional barking dog or a passing car) and is walking distance to Foz do Lizandro, the most favourite beach break in Ericeira, and also a little bit longer but still easy walking distance to town. Including amazing views at the Atlantic and the town itself.

Ericeira beach bus timetables


What is the set-up of the Marienstein mountain lodge?

Haus Marienstein fits groups of up to 19 persons. You can choose from three double bedrooms, two bedrooms for four and one for five persons. Most rooms have their own bathroom and wc. There's a vintage large fully equipped kitchen and a common Stube with a wood stove and plenty of comfortable sitting space with dining tables and open views to the forest around the lodge.

What's the access to the mountain lodge like?

Via Dorfgastein, Hofgastein, Bad Gastein, Böckstein and past train station in Anlauftal.
Access to Marienstein is surprisingly easy with only last 250 meters off an actual asphalt road - a wide flat forest road gets cleared from snow in winter and there is usually no need for snow chains although we recommend having one in the car with you as Gastein gets often snowed in and you might end up needing it.

What can you do around the lodge?

Due to its location on the valley floor with peaceful spruce forest around and a mountain creek behind the lodge you're right in the middle of that thing called Nature. In summer you can go on short walks around the house that take you to various waterfall locations in matter of half an hour. On the other hand Haus Marienstein is a great starting point for hikes up Anlauftal valley and for a famous crossing of HoheTauern via the ancient Römer Weg to the top of Korntauern and down to Mallnitz with return by train through the Tauernschleuse. You can do very much the same in winter too with good weather - short walks around the mountain lodge are always an easy option and big hikes you can go on backcountry skis or splitboard.

How far to a shop, ski resorts and downtown area Bad Gastein?

Closest shop is Billa in Bad Gastein, 7min drive. Closest ski resort is Stubnerkogel (connecting to Angertal and Schlossalm), 11m drive. Downtown Gastein with bars, restaurant, shops and Felsentherme spa is 13min drive.
Sportgastein is 14min drive, Schlossalm 17min drive, Graukogel 10min drive and Dorfgastein 25min drive from the mountain lodge.

Are bed sheets and towels included?

Yes, we have fresh cosy bed sheets ready for our guests. Towels are not included.