Welcome to the realm of pumping waves, cool local people, amazing cuisine and hospitality of My Powderwave. Our surf lodge is 10min walk from the beach of Foz do Lizandro and 5min to the scenic cliffs overlooking it.

Learn to surf | My Powderwave

Learn to surf

Ever wanted to try surfing? Learn to surf with our good friends at Na Onda, the longest running surf school in Ericeira. There's a good chance you'll be surfing green waves with the help of instructors within a couple of lessons. They know what they're doing and they're doing it well. Let us know what you need and we'll plan your surfing experience with you and arrange and book it for you. And you don't need any gear. Boards and wetsuits are part of the deal.

Surf coaching | My Powderwave

Surf coaching

Individual or small teamwork with a surf coach both in and out of water can make the difference for your surfing progress. Enhance your surfing skills with the right advice and feedback. You know the learning curve in surfing - pretty steep at the beginning but going rather flat at certain point in time. That's where most of intermediate surfers find themselves. Even just one session with a surf coach on the line up can help you break out into a new phase of your surfing characterised by rapid progress and significant increase in having fun while surfing. Less struggle and more fun, isn't it just what we all want?

Surf packages | My Powderwave

Surf packages

We are here to surf and we do expect you are as well. With My Powderwave Ericeira you will always have some appealing bed & breakfast and surf lessons combos to choose from. Put together a package that suits your surf holiday preferences the best and pass it over to us. We'll help you plan and organise both your stay and your surfing experience. Individually to give you the freedom you deserve.