Surfer's paradise all year round in amazing Portugal.

Surf house

In our 16-person capacity surf house you can choose from two double bed rooms, a twin bed room, a family room for four with a private terrace or a cost-effective but cosy bed in the shared room for six. There's a fully equipped kitchen available to our guests too.

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Surfing & breaks in Ericeira

Ericeira has waves for everyone. From sand bottom beach breaks perfect for beginner surfers to world class reef and point breaks for the experienced surfers. We'll be happy to arrange your surf classes if you're an aspiring beginner or share with you all the local knowledge we can muster in case you already rip and hunt the wave of your life.

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Learn to surf | My Powderwave

Learn to surf

Ever wanted to try surfing? With us you can learn to surf with our good friends at Na Onda, the longest running surf school in Ericeira.

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Surf coaching | My Powderwave

Surf coaching

Enhance your surfing skills and boost your progress with the right advice and feedback on your surfing incl. couching with video and photos.

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Surf packages | My Powderwave

Surf packages

Do you want to have surfing related plan and content for your whole trip? Get in touch with us and together we'll figure it out.

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Surf in Ericeira

Ericeira sports one of the best waves in Europe. Renowned as one of the nine World Surfing Reserves Ericeira is the only one located in Europe which speaks not only of quality of the surf breaks here but also of dedication of the local community to preserve this marvellous piece of Atlantic coast.

A short stretch of Atlantic coast around and in Ericeira offers a great variety of waves from sand-bottom beachies to iconic point breaks and powerful reef breaks. From Coxos in the north - arguably the best right-hand point break in Europe - to a swell magnet beachie of Sao Juliao in the south Ericeira is paradise for surfers and all other keen watermen.

Foz do Lizandro | My Powderwave

Foz do Lizandro

Our home beach just 10 min walk from the surf house is a sand-bottom beach break, where you can easily score uncrowded fun surf with the backdrop of 70m tall cliffs and the centre of Ericeira.
Praia do Sul/Furnas | My Powderwave

Praia do Sul/Furnas

Praia do Sul is surf school's favourite during big swells as it's sheltered by the Furnas point from the massive swells. There are some good waves peeling off the point on big swells. Here you surf right in the town center which makes up (not only!) for fun aprés surf.
Reef | My Powderwave


Hollow and shallow right-hand reef break. For tube hunting pros and kamikaze only on the lower tide and a more accessible wave on the rising tide.
Ribeira d'Ilhas | My Powderwave

Ribeira d'Ilhas

The notorious right-hand point break with long waves running over a flat reef. Good on all tides and handling northerly winds pretty well Ribeira can easily become an instant love affair. The crowds are in love with this wave indeed.
Cave | My Powderwave


Infamous rock-slab with heavy barrels. It's scary just to watch. But Kelly and John John love it. As well as ripping local legends.
Algodio | My Powderwave


Just across the jetty from Fishermen's in the centre of town. Also known as Northern Beach Algodio works well with bigger west swells.
Pescadores | My Powderwave


Fishermen's beach is a protected spot right downtown which only works with bigger swells (6ft+). When it does it provides a long slower running left perfect for boards with a bit more volume.