We've been mountain lovers ever since we can remember and at a certain point in our lives we got the surfing bug too.

My Powderwave


We are My Powderwave and our home is where the peak is. Whether it's in the powder snow covered Alps on a fun day freeriding or at an iconic surf break in wave-rich Portugal our mission is to offer like-minded enthusiasts a top surfing and year-round mountain experience. With a surf house in Ericeira and a mountain lodge in Gastein we made our wildest dreams come true and we're more than happy to share a piece of them with you.

Thesi & Janek | My Powderwave

Thesi & Janek

Unquestionable magic happened between the two in Ericeira when they met there on a beach in 2016. They're married now. My Powderwave is their baby. Indulging in outdoors and sports like skiing, surfing, mountain biking, yoga and climbing they promote living the good life. Hospitality is their strong suit - and they're not afraid to use it.

Lola | My Powderwave


From a garbage site in Bosnia through a shelter and than a loving home in Salzburg to the beaches of Ericeira and back to the Austrian mountains, she's a snow dog turned beach dog, most beloved member of the team and the biggest frother for snow of all of us.

Surfing in Ericeira

Ericeira has waves for everyone. From sand bottom beach breaks perfect for beginner surfers to world class reef and point breaks for the experienced surfers. We'll be happy to arrange your surf classes if you're an aspiring beginner or share with you all the local knowledge we can muster in case you already rip and hunt the wave of your life.


Surfing in Ericeira

Mountain fun in Gastein

Beautiful Hohe Tauern Alps together with rare Art Deco style mountain town and thermal spas make Gastein the perfect place for both winter and summer holidays. With the highest peaks reaching way over 3000 metres of altitude you will feel on top of the world here both literally and figuratively.

Over 200km of perfectly groomed ski slopes are on offer in 4 ski resorts. On top of that Gastein is renowned for one of the best freeride and backcountry terrains in Austria. World famous Gastein Eisklettern Arena is just around the corner from our mountain lodge and offers one of the toughest ice climbs around. Summer in the mountains welcomes hikers of all levels as well as climbers, mountain bikers and trail runners. The peaceful natural surroundings of the mountain lodge is perfect for young families as well.

Mountain fun in Gastein