My Powderwave Ericeira is your destination for the perfect surf trip with accommodation in a cosy chilled out surf lodge and surfing experience in Ericeira, Portugal.

My Powderwave

Dream and reality

Hi, we are My Powderwave and our home is where the peak is. Whether it's in the powder-ridden Alps on a good day freeriding with friends or at an iconic reef break in Portugal. Our vision is to offer you to the top surfing and skiing/snowboarding experience in top spots and resorts around the world. Our current mission is My Powderwave Ericeira: accommodation and surfing experience in a cosy and chilled out surf lodge in Ericeira, Portugal.

Thesi & Janek | My Powderwave

Thesi & Janek

Something magical happened for these two in Ericeira when they met there in 2016. They're engaged now and will be taking care of the surf lodge.

Hugo | My Powderwave


Our Portuguese sidekick Hugo is the head instructor in NaOnda Surf School and he'll be the one who'll help you surf your first waves.

Lola | My Powderwave


From a dumpsite in Bosnia through a loving home in Salzburg to the beaches of Ericeira, she's a snow dog turned beach dog, most beloved member of the team and brain behind everything.


Ericeira has waves for everyone. From sand bottom beach breaks perfect for beginner surfers to world class reef and point breaks for the experienced surfers. We'll be happy to arrange your surf classes if you're an aspiring beginner or share with you all the local knowledge we can muster in case you already rip and hunt the wave of your life.


Surfing in Ericeira